Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Denying Ourselves....

Chapter 32 from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis

"Son, thou canst not possess perfect liberty unless thou wholly deny thyself.-(Matt. 16:24)
All self-seekers and self-lovers are bound in fetters, full of desires, full of cares, unsettled, and seeking always their own ease, and not the things of Jesus Christ-(Phil. 3:21), but oftentimes devising and framing that which will not stand.
For all shall come to nothing that proceeds not from God.
Take this short and perfect word: Forsake all and thou shalt find all, leave thy desires and thou shalt find rest.-(Matt. 11:29)
Consider this well, and when thou shalt put it in practice thou shalt understand all things..."


Kitty said...

That's so beautiful! Why is it so difficult to deny ourselves when we KNOW we'll be happier if we do?

PBXVI said...

Because we are always tempted for immediate pleasure... That stupid original sin again!!!! God Bless!