Monday, May 21, 2007

Keep on Prayin'!
Would everyone say a quick prayer for my Grandma V. who is suffering so much. She suffers from chronic pain everyday. Here are a few of her ailments:
  1. Scleroderma (a disease which slowly hardens body tissues including the skin and internal organs) which has split the skin in her finger and infected it badly recently.
  2. Diabetes
  3. Arthritis
  4. Some nerve problem in her feet
  5. Sleep apnea
  6. Depression at times (she also has a daughter which will not befriend her unless she sends her money which she has finally said "no" to. This has been extremely difficult)

All that and not to mention that she broke her leg about a year ago which has healed wonderfully, but she still has difficulty walking (she is overweight too).

And now if you would say a decade of the rosary for her soon or any other prayer, both she and I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


Esther said...

PB, I am leaving for Mass in a few minutes and will be praying for your grandma there. In the June month's issue of Reader's Digest, there is a story of a woman who suffered from Scleroderma, a disease I never heard of before reading this article. I think she went for treatment with her own stem cells to help her.

Anonymous said...

I will keep your grandmother in my prayers as I read the office today, and will pray a decade of the rosary for her tonight before I retire.

God bless you and your grandmother, both.


PBXVI said...

Thank you guys so much!

Anonymous said...

PJ, your grandmother is in my prayers as I prepare for my Eucharistic Adoration shift this evening. I will pray the Office of the Dead for her as the Church celebrates the "Feast of the Holy Martyrs of Jerusalem." Please pray for me and an increase in PURITY!!!

PBXVI said...

I will most certainly keep you in my prayers and thanks so much for lifting my grandmother in your prayers! God Bless!

Seminarian Matthew said...

I said a prayer for her.

PBXVI said...

Thanks everyone!!!