Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Any Prayer Intentions?

As I recently put a post for anyone who would like to post a question, this post here is for anyone who has a prayer request. Be assured that any comment below that is a serious prayer request will be lifted up in prayer by the author of this blog and published so that other bloggers can pray for it as well. You can post as many requests as you like! Simply leave a comment below with your prayer request. Oremus!
Please pray for:
1. Angela Messenger who needs our prayers as well as someone suffering from ovarian cancer.
2. Tiber Jumper's 2 sons conversions.
3. Conversion of Esther's father and 4 brothers.
4. For the intentions found here
5. Please keep Nicholas and his family in your prayers especially now. Nicholas has received a threatening note from a co-worker, and his dad has suffered a heart attack, and now his car has been totaled!!
6. Pray for "traditional squeaky wheel" Carolina who is close to being kicked out of her parish. We need good Catholics!
7. Pray for the soul of Spc. Dan H. Nguyen, 24, who died in Tahrir, Iraq, on May 8. Also keep his friend, "MM" in your prayers as well as the family of Dan.
9. For Ana and her family who are having problems with the house and car.


Carolina Cannonball said...

what a generous idea. Angela Messenger needs our prayers as well as a friend suffering from ovarian cancer.

Tiber Jumper said...

please pray for my 2 sons' conversions
thanks so much.

Esther said...

Conversion of my father and 4 brothers. Thanks for doing this!

Deo Juvante said...

10 intentions for you here:

Thanks! ;)

Carolina Cannonball said...

you can pray for me... I am probably a breath away from being tossed from my parish. No one likes a traditional squeaky wheel.

Ana said...

please pray for me...My family and I are having several problems with our house and car.
thank you and God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

PLease pray for my children who have been brainwashed into a korean cult - please pray that they come back to their family.

Dess Seda said...

Please pray for my husband, Ramer, to recover from any ailments, body and spiritual...and to accept and strengthen his faith with the LORD JESUS CHRIST in his whole heart, mind, body and soul.