Sunday, May 13, 2007

Music Meme
Esther tagged me for this one...
Five favorite songs:
  1. Panis Angelicus
  2. The Battle (From Narnia and The Gladiator)
  3. Resurrection (From The Passion ***warning-- some graphic pictures***)
Three favorite music artists:
  1. Micheal W. Smith
  2. Third Day
  3. Jaci Velasquez
Three favorite composers:
  1. Antonio Vivaldi
  2. Hanz Zimmer
  3. Howard Shore
Favorite song when you were a little kid:
  1. The Ants go Marching
Favorite song you wish you could sing:
  1. Ave Maria
Favorite type of music:
  1. Soundtrack!
Least favorite song:
  1. Sing a new church - Sr. Delores Dufner, OSB

Least favorite type of music:

  1. Rap, and heavy metal
Favorite music instrument:
  1. The Piano
Music instrument you wish you could play:
  1. Violin

EVERYONE that read this is tagged automatically (meaning you are obligated to post this on your blog with your answers!)!


Carolina Cannonball said...

well since you didnt tag anyone, I'll help myself to this one. :-)

Esther said...

I love Vivaldi!