Monday, May 07, 2007

I've Always Wondered...
  1. Why don't people turn their blinkers on until they're already turning?
  2. Why do people complain all the time about something, yet take no action to fix the problem?
  3. Why did people turn their "cathedrals" into "warehouses"?
  4. Why did a Protestant make a statue of Mary at our church?
  5. Why do people start smoking in our day and age?
  6. Why can you get "married" (by man's law) easier than getting a driver's licence?
  7. Why do people worry so much about everything that they shouldn't be worrying about?
  8. Why does every really funny movie, that has great potential, ruined by profanity?
  9. Why do people try to change the Catholic Church's teachings when they can go to a Protestant Church and get what they want (e.g. woman priests)?
  10. Why does Barney exist?

If you guys want to vent about anything else, answer any of the questions, or like Barney, please leave a comment!


Carolina Cannonball said...

I know why Barney exists... to say mass at Corpus Christi Catholic Christian Community. ;-P

Kitty said...

All of these can be answered by "Because of Original Sin" - especially the Barney question. By the way, I don't know ANYONE who admits to liking Barney, do you?