Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Secret Society... A Spirit.... And a Catastrophe....
(Author's note: This article is humorous but is meant to show a point. I am not bashing the Church, Vatican II, or any women that are dedicated to God. I know that many of these women may be very holy, but I only want to address a point that I think is important.)
Introducing: SSSVII---The Secret Society of the Spirit of Vatican II
SSSVII is a recent order that has been established in many countries. Its numbers have increased greatly over the past 30 some years. This new order includes nuns, priests, and religious. The founder of SSSVII has not acknowledged himself, most likely because this is a secret organization. Here's what they do. The society first of all has a very strict secrecy code. They must not wear their habits or clerics except on very rare occasions. The cassock is to be completely avoided. Then this order must in secret attend mass and parish activities (remember they are dressed like everyone else) and therefore as to not arouse attention and so religious can see what their parishioners are really like. You see, if a parishioner sees Sister Clara dressed in full habit, it will remind him to act especially good. However, if Sister Clara is dressed just like everyone else, then the parishioner will be clueless and will reveal his true self. Sister Clara will take notes in her big black book, so she can report all findings to headquarters. Beware Catholics, SSSVII is out there.... Although sometimes hard to identify, I have done research on my computer to bring you this picture of an authentic SSSVII member. Watch as the man on the left, cluelessly shakes hands with an SSSVII nun. Under that overcoat of hers, she stores her big black book. However there is only one problem with this large order. Although it has grown rapidly, it is now dying out. You see, most of the members came from previous orders where the habit was worn. Many decided to join SSSVII, but not many new members have been coming in. They are desperate for vocations...........................Ok....... You can breath now!!!! Thank goodness that was a joke, but unfortunately it has more truth to it than not. Namely, the wonderful habit of a nun, the cassocks and clerics of priests, and the religious habit of various orders are being thrown away. I can find many many nuns on the internet in various orders (Not to mention the many nuns I have seen in person) that do not wear the religious habit. You would not know that they were nuns unless they told you. Why am I concerned about this? Because, when we threw out the habit, (which was a sign of throwing out the Divine Vocation, I think) we threw out many vocations. What girl would not see it as a privilege to wear the habit as a sign of her dedication to Christ? And how attractive is it to dress as someone ordinary? The habit is an outward sign to show that this person has dedicated their life to Christ. It is a beautiful witness to all of those people that see it. It almost appears to me that the nun is ashamed she is a nun when she hides it by not dressing like one. It is an honor to have one's life dedicated to Christ. It is stuff like this that seems to be kicking God out of society. We wonder why our country is so corrupt? Wake up Catholics! It should be us that come to conversion first, so that we may bring others with us. I am not wondering why orders are decreasing when there is such lack of Faith. I heard once a conversation among some Catholic young people who were saying that they thought nuns were pointless and that the Church should no longer have them. I am not surprised by these statements when all young people see a nun as is a strange woman who isn't married because she has a 'job' at the church. However, thankfully, not all is gone. Some orders have preserved the habit and the Faith that used to be more common among nuns. These orders are prospering. They are growing. Let us pray that God will instill Faith among all Catholics today.

These habit filled nuns are increasing in numbers.

Here is a good article in defense of the habit.

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amaris said...

Oh this is so, so true! Their argument is that they dont want to "stand out" as if they're special or want to make people feel awkward with their presence...that they want to adopt the habit of ordinary people of today (jeans and a Tshirt). Its the same with the new current of doctors who argue they should no longer wear white coats because it separates them from the people they serve. Lame, pseudo-socialist excuses. Such a pity that so called modernism has to invade every bit of sacredness.