Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy All Saints Day!!!
Here is a list of some saints who I thought fit in the appropriate categories. Feel free to copy/paste this onto your blog with your answers. Have a wonderful All Saints Day, and remember to go to Mass!
#1 Favorite saint: Blessed virgin Mary! Because she was conceived without sin, she stayed closest to God, and also is my Heavenly Mother, constantly caring for me and protecting me.
#1 Most courageous saint: St. Joan of Arc
#1 Most outspoken saint: St. Francis De Sales
#1 Hardest Martyrdom: St. Lawrence martyr
#1 Saint I know most about: St. Isaac Jogues

#1 Most joyful saint: St. Francis of Assisi
#1 Most forgiving saint: St. Maria Goretti
My patron saint: St. Francis of Assisi

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