Thursday, November 09, 2006

Homosexual parade cancelled. Now they'll just do a demonstration.....

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The "homosexual community" in Israel are going to be doing a demonstration in a stadium, instead of their original "gay parade" in Jerusalem. Together, Christians, Muslims, and Jews were outraged at the proposed parade. What I find astonishing is that Israel was planning on having 8,500-12,000 police officers give security to this parade. (Boy, they sure go out of their way for such a sick event.) Ok, so just recently the "gay community" called off the parade to just have this demonstration, because of the threats of violence. Talk about stupid. How far do people have to go to try to convince us and themselves that they are not living in sin? Pray for these poor souls who have listened to the lies of Satan, and are now living lives of fear and anxiety. Pray that they may one day come to Jesus and find true peace and happiness.

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