Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tell me what you guys thought of the movie.... I'm going to go see it on Tuesday (if you can't tell by the picture what movie I'm referring to you are certainly sheltered or un-American). I forbid comments that give away any information about what happens (no spoilers). Just tell me if you like it or not, and then you can also mention what draws you (or what repels you) to the Pirate's movies in general...
Update: So I saw the movie last Tuesday, and I certainly enjoyed it! I like to think about how easy to follow the first pirate movie was and how the second movie was pretty much twice as confusing. Let me tell you that the third pirate's movie is twice as confusing as the second pirate's movie. There are so many characters that seem to betray each other and stuff it's difficult to tell who is the the good guy (hasn't that always been the way the pirate's movie are?). Anyway, over all it is a fun movie though I think it should've been made more simple to follow.

Moral content:

*five stars in the violence for example means that there was no violence.*
  1. Acting: 4 stars
  2. Entertainment: 4 1/2 stars
  3. Sexual content: Some women are dressed immodestly, praise of immodesty, and sex is implied between two characters though nothing is shown.--- 3 stars
  4. Violent content: Much more violence than the last pirate movies involving more fights, and a scene at the beginning where many people are being hung (we see their feet) including a young boy.--- 2 1/2 stars
  5. Language content: British language such as "bloody" and "h---" numerous times.--- 4 stars
  6. Other immoral content: Lying, praising piracy. 3 stars
Overall average rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


Anonymous said...

It is a good movie, you will not be disappointed. I watched the other two and this one is a worthy end for the trilogy.


mm said...

so did u watch it, how was it?

Esther said...

Thanks for posting this. We were debating whether or not to watch it.

Deo Juvante said...

Did you stay till the end? There was a 30 second special '10 years later'

Deo Juvante said...

By end, I meant after the credits. ;)

PBXVI said...

You're welcome!

Yes, I did stay untill after the end, but I was glad only because I thought the music was great. I thought that the "10 years later" clip was retarded as Elizabeth looked EXACTLY the same, and the boy that was suppossed to be her son seemed to be the boy that was hung at the begginning of the movie! Then we see the green flash and the end! OK, just thought it was stupid but I enjoyed the movie as a whole! God Bless!

Deo Juvante said...

Yes... I noticed that it was the same actor... lol.