Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Movie Review: Facing the Giants

Now that First Communion class is over, I am back helping at St. Micheal's boy's club which is a club for young men (ages about 7-15). Tonight, after praying the Holy Rosary we watched a movie called "Facing the Giants". Although this movie is Protestant, it has a great message and it is well done. The movie is about a football coach who is committed to God although financially poor, and is determined to help his team not only progress in football, but in the their relationship with God. He is tough but encouraging. As a side to the story, him and his wife wish dearly to be blessed with a child but they have not been able conceive. Watch as this coach draws these young athletes to Christ and to victory. This movie is inspiring and is a great movie for a family time and discussion.

5 Star match up...

Acting: 4 stars

Entertainment: 3 stars

Sexual content: None. 5 stars

Violent content: None. 5 stars

Language content: None. 5 stars

Other immoral content: None. 5 stars

Overall impression: Although Protestant, I found nothing anti-Catholic, but it does have an inspiring message and is a must see!

Overall rating: 4.5 stars

BTW, a site I use to find what movies are good enough to watch is Plugged In run by Focus on the Family. This site is a Protestant site, but is generally not anti-Catholic and lays down great standards for the movies. It will tell you exactly the bad stuff found in films and also an overall impression. Check it out!

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