Thursday, March 15, 2007

C'mon Eve! You can't say the apple's bad until you've had it!

Many people today believe that to judge something to be good or bad they must try it for themselves first. After doing the action they can then decide weather it was good or bad and weather it is worth doing over again. I told someone once that marijuana was wrong, for example, yet they told me that I could not know since I had not tried it before. Hmmm. An interesting perspective, yet definitely a wrong mindset and philosophy. We must be willing to listen to others and the knowledge they have obtained previously. Though man may sometimes be wrong, we must listen to what God tells us and TRUST in Him that whatever He is telling us is for the better. God is all knowing, and therefore we have nothing to fear.

Think about it this way. Someone dares you to pick up a king cobra snake and play with it for awhile. Would you do it? Probably not (though I now there's a few stupid folks that would!). Why wouldn't you do this? Because you know that this snake is poisonous and dangerous and could kill you. How do you know this? Have you handled a cobra before? Probably not, yet you know it is Poisonous and dangerous because scientist have done research and people know who have gotten bit know that this snake is deadly. You trust them. Why? Because mentally sane people can trust trustworthy people.

This applies to many things in life. A priest or counselor, for example, can counsel people getting married even though he is not and never was married, because he has studied marriage and understands human principals. He doesn't need to experience it. How about someone that says you should see a certain movie you have read negative reviews about. They tell you that you can't say it's bad because you haven't seen it. But they're wrong because you can trust other trustworthy sources without experiencing it yourself.

Now sometimes we come to crossroads in our lives where we must decide to do things our way or God's way. We have not done our way before so we think we should at least try it to decide. But remember, God already knows what's down that road and doesn't want you to go down that road for a reason. Wow! When it comes to trusting in God it can really be difficult! Can you trust anyone besides yourself?

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