Monday, March 12, 2007

Here it is!!!

Thanks to Esther, I went to Fatima Family Apostolate's website and found this wonderful prayer book for young Catholics that I mentioned I need earlier for our Altar Servers. I ordered five of these books and they arrived today. They are filled with tons of wonderful prayers and extra things like an Examination of Conscious, How to Pray the Rosary, a section on the basics of the Catholic Faith and much more! I plan on having meetings with the Altar Servers to discuss the use of these prayer books for after Holy Communion and to start catechizing these children. I think this book is a perfect way to do that! This prayer book is a MUST for every Catholic child!

Get your own here.
Prayer for After Holy Communion/to convert Poor Sinners
Jesus, You are with me. You are in me. My soul is now Your home. How can I ever love You enough for coming to me like this? I want to love You and everyone. I want always to be holy like You. I want to ask the Immaculate Heart of Your Mother, Mary, and my spiritual Mother, to pray for poor sinners. Convert them and save them from hell. Amen.

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Esther said...

That's wonderful. I'm glad I was of help.