Monday, May 12, 2008

Soon to be Seminarian in Need
I was recently emailed by a young man named Neven Pesa who is a man aspiring to the priesthood, but is faced with completing a serious mission of paying off student loans from his time at Franciscan University in Stubenville before he can enter seminary. The order Neven believes he is called to has accepted him provisionally, but he must be debt free. He has to earn thousands of dollars very soon to complete his goal, but perhaps some of you readers could help him. He is apparently quite musically talented and is selling some CDs that he has personally produced to help him pay his way to seminary. Please consider supporting him.

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Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

Hello. Congratulations for your blog. Do you know why the young people pray the holy rosary? You can watch here fifty testimonies of young university students
(in Spanish, with english subtitles)
See it:

Santiago (Granada, Spain)