Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stump The Chump!
Well, since it's Thursday it's time for Stump the Chump! The rules are simple:
1. Comment in this post a question (religiously oriented) that you think will "stump" me
2. Come back the next Thursday to see if there is a response
3. If there is no response you have "stumped the chump" and you will be publicly recognized on this blog
4. If there is a response, comment on how well I answered it
5. If three or more comments show that I have not answered the question well, you will be recognised as having "stumped the chump"
Are you ready?


Soutenus said...

I do not know if we can really know the answer to this one -- maybe I just want another's opinion.
Why did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?
Some priests (in homilies) have said it showed Jesus' humanity -- that He was sad about the death of Lazarus.
But, what I do not get is -- if Jesus was going to make eternal life possible -- why bring Lazarus back to his earthly life. Won't life in Heaven be so much better?
Was it a miracle to prefigure the resurrection He would have? Kind of like a prelude to His death and resurrection? Was Jesus maybe showing people that He had power over death?
If it was simply that then why did Jesus weep?

PBXVI said...

I'll have an answer soon ;)

BevansInc said...

I have a liturgical queery: over the past six months or so, readers in our Parish have begun to say "the word of the Lord" or just "word of the Lord" instead of "This is the Word of the Lord" which has been the norm, since I was little. Our priest also now says "the Gospel of the Lord" leaving out the 'this'. I heard it on EWTN in a brodcast they did from a live coverage of Mass somewhere (not EWTN itself) and I just wondered, seeing that it seems 'global' if you know of any specific announcement or change calling for it or if you have come across this new phenomenon yourself, if so, why is it? All of the readers now have changed to this in our Parish and it just got my attention when I heard it from America too!

Joey said...

Here's a question:

If God loves everyone, does he even have love for souls in hell?

Eva said...

I have been pondering this question with my family for a long time, so I hope you can take it off my back:
Should we hate the devil?

Catholic Chump said...

What is significant with the bible with 3s? And what does the following number mean and it is religious in nature 22846542?