Saturday, June 30, 2007


Son, stand firm and trust in Me; for what are words but words: they fly through the air, but hurt not a stone.
If thou art guilty think that thou wilt willingly amend thyself.
If thy conscience accuse thee not, think that thou wilt willingly suffer this for God's sake.
It is a small matter that thou shouldest some-times bear with words, if thou hast not as yet courage to endure hard stripes.
And why do such small things go to thy heart, but because thou art yet carnal, and regardest men more than thou oughtst!
For because thou art afraid of being despised, thou art not willing to be reprehended for thy faults, and seekest to shelter thyself in excuses.
......But give ear to My word, and thou shalt not value ten thousand words of men......
----Selections from the Immitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis, Chapter 46

Am I letting the things people say about me bother me? If these things are negative but true, I should take the action to ammend myself accordingly. However, if the things people say are not true, I should not seek revenge but offer up this small (though perhaps seemingly great) sacrifice.

Am I taking part in gossip?

Am I telling unneccesarily the faults of others?

Am I bringing my fellow man down by my words?

Am I a complainer?

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