Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poll Results.....

What would you like to read more about on this blog?

Catholic Apologetics and teaching
68% 41
Saints and Prayers
12% 7
Liturgical issues
7% 4
Scrupulosity and morals
5% 3
More fun and humor
2% 1
About my life
5% 3
I don't care
2% 1
60 votes total----
I think that someone thought it would be funny to come to my blog almost daily and vote "more Catholic teaching and apolgetics".... So, really I think only 30-45 people voted on this poll. If you were the guilty one please tell me, I'd love to know (I'm not angry, but I just don't know why).

Which of these addictions do you consider most harmful?


19% 6
Eating too much
19% 6
Watching TV
52% 16
Listening to music
3% 1
Internet use or Computer games
6% 2
31 votes total ----- Looks like TV wins the worst and worst for you addiction
Be sure to take the new polls!!!


Carolina Cannonball said...

I voted more about you. Theres a thousand catholic blogs about the church, but theres only one you.

PBXVI said...

Caronlina: True! Thanks!