Saturday, June 23, 2007

Religious Survey
Well I have returned from the ECYD boy's convention which was wonderful! We spent 5 days studying Church history, going to Holy Mass, playing sports, and many other things. One of those other things we did was go to downtown Boulder Colorado and do a street mission. We did this through doing a Faith survey. We split up into groups of about 3 and went to random people and asked about 3-5 questions about their beliefs and asked if they had any questions or prayers intentions. We also invited them to come to Mass that night. Below I'll show you the results of my group's survey.
Do you believe in God?
Yes: 14
No: 3
I don't know: 2
Do, and if so how often, you go to church?
Yes: 9
No: 9
How much (various answers): 1 week, 1 month, 1 or 2 month, everyday, every Sunday, 2 month, Every holiday and 1 month.
Does God play a role in your day to day life?
3 no and the rest yes
Religious affiliation:
Jewish: 1
Catholic: 4 (though at least one non practicing)
Protestant: 2
Non denominational: 1
Buddhist: 2
Hindu: 1
Advata Vedanta (Indian religion): 1
Pagan: 1
None: 6
Interesting stories: You may wonder why "Pagan" was one of the options but that is what one guy told us when we asked about his religious affiliation. He was the only guy that told us that he went to church everyday, and he seem to be handling these cards that looked like tarot cards to me.
When we asked a lady if God played a role in her life she said she thought so because she "heard her grandmothers voice" frequently. She identified herself with Buddhism.
One lady identified herself as Catholic but said she attended a Unitarian church.
Please keep these requests in your prayers that we received from some people we surveyed: for Jessica Schnute who is a young lady with a brain tumor, and for a man who got in an accident and injured himself.
I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go on this mission as most people seem to block out the thought of religion in their life.


Anonymous said...

Well, welcome back! I hadn't gotten a chance to pop in to your blog in a while, but then when I did, you were gone!

Anyway, sounds like you had your work cut out for you. That's a pretty diverse group of people to minister to out there, and also reminds us so well that there are so many outside our own little spheres that don't really think about God that much (if they bother at all). So sad.

I'm not surprise by the pagan fellow at all. At my own apartment complex, it turns out my next-door neighbor is following some sort of pagan religion. Don't know if he's Wiccan or something else altogether, but he plastered a picture of chakras and a pentacle over his door. The weirdest part is that he is the least obnoxious neighbor I have, although that's not saying a lot. (Still, I'm glad I have all those crucifixes in my own apartment!) Say a prayer for him please.

PBXVI said...

Thank you Doni! It was wonderful doing this survey and you can tell people were somewhat startled that we were young men doing this, but it was well worth it! I will keep your neighbor in my prayers! God Bless!