Thursday, July 05, 2007

VATICAN CITY, JUL 4, 2007 (VIS) - At the end of today's general audience, the Pope addressed young people who are currently preparing for the next World Youth Day (WYD), due to be held in July 2008 in Sydney, Australia.
Speaking English, the Holy Father encouraged the young people "to prepare well for this marvelous celebration of the faith. ... Enter fully into the life of your parishes and participate enthusiastically in diocesan events! In this way you will be equipped spiritually to experience new depths of understanding of all that we believe when we gather in Sydney next July."
"I know that already the ecclesial and government authorities, together with numerous young Australians, are working very hard to ensure an exceptional experience for us all. I offer them my heartfelt thanks.
"World Youth Day is much more than an event," Pope Benedict added. "It is a time of deep spiritual renewal, the fruits of which benefit the whole of society."
"Some of you have friends with little real purpose in their lives, perhaps caught up in a futile search for endless new experiences. Bring them to World Youth Day too! In fact, I have noticed that against the tide of secularism many young people are rediscovering the satisfying quest for authentic beauty, goodness and truth. Through your witness you help them in their search for the Spirit of God."
The Holy Father concluded: "Be courageous in that witness! Strive to spread Christ's guiding light, which gives purpose to all life, making lasting joy and happiness possible for everyone."AG/WORLD YOUTH DAY/SYDNEY VIS 070704 (270)


Esther said...

Will you be attending? I wanted to send Joey but I thought he was too young to go by without us.

PBXVI said...

Actually I have no plans on going to World Youth Day as I am planning on going to Rome, and am really just not excited about going to Australia. If I was going to World Youth Day, I would rather go to Europe or Asia. Just me. I hope Joey can go-maybe it would be a good experience. Do you have your local youth group going?