Thursday, January 25, 2007

Situation in Portugal: Urgent!!!

I ask all of my readers to storm Heaven with prayers for the citizens of Portugal who are having an upcoming election on further legalization of abortion! I have the update as to the different blogs I went on, and it's not a pretty picture. On one blog I responded about eight different times and had a response from about four different people, 3 of 4 (though likely 4 of 4) who I think will likely vote yes to expand abortion. I received a comment from a different Portuguese blogger who will vote No, but he is the only one that has out right said so. On another blog I received a comment (though hard to translate) that I believe was another person voting Yes on abortion. I know that this is not some broad survey, but I am very fearful that thousands of Portuguese babies after February 11th will no longer find protection in seemingly the safest place--their own mother's womb. Pray that Portugal would not allow these babies to be killed through abortion through a majority vote! Our Lady of Fatima pray for us! Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us! Mary help of Christians, pray for us!
1/27/07---Update: Just found 1 comment that says they will vote NO on abortion! Thanks be to God! Keep the prayers comin'!

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The day is approaching. Oremus!