Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Holy Eucharist

Some of you who have been on my blog for a while may have read that I taught at First Reconciliation classes last year, and this year I am glad to say that I am teaching a First Communion class! I am very glad I decided to do this and was able to. Not long ago, after serving Holy Mass as an Altar boy, I was in the vesting room with the other Altar servers when one of them said that he drank a lot of "wine". I told him that actually it was no longer wine but Jesus' Blood. The other Altar server there chimed in and asked: 'So do we really believe that that is Jesus' Body and Blood, or is it just for pretend?' I was able to explain to them that it was actually Jesus' Body and Blood and that we don't pretend it. I also told them the story of the Lanciano miracle. I was happy to be able to witness to my Faith as such, but I was saddened at the same time. Why don't these Altar server's know this already? They have been receiving Communion now for some time, so why don't they already know this? I later told a lady that used to come to our parish (she goes to a different Catholic parish now), about what happened, and she said that when she was teaching at a first Communion class one of the teachers came up to her and asked the same thing: "Do we really believe in the Real Presence of Jesus?'...

We need to have more solid Catholic teaching to the Faithful. I think that people really indeed want to know, but weather they want to or not they must know. Communion is not public snack time! This is the same Jesus that was on Earth two thousand years ago, in flesh and blood! Let's receive Christ with utmost devotion and respect! Please, when the opportunity arises tell people about the Eucharist. Show respect to Christ by genuflecting, making the sign of the cross when passing a church, asking your Pastor to talk to the people about the Eucharist and the Real Presence, etc... If Catholics do not even realize that their Lord is among them, what hope do we have?

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