Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beware Liberals!

You are a 100% traditional Catholic!

Congratulations! You are more knowlegeable than most modern theologians! You have achieved mastery over the most important doctrines of the Catholic Faith! You should share your incredible understanding with others!

Do You Know Your Baltimore Catechism?
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causa nostra laetitiae said...

Congratulations on your 100% traditional Catholic! I made it a difficult quiz, but you aced it! Why am I not surprised?!

PBXVI said...

Actually I have been studying the Baltimore Catechism more recently because I am teaching a First Communion class and the B Cathecism is MUCH better than the books provided. Thanks for that quiz, it was fun!

Leticia said...

Good for you for actually using it in your First Communion Class. Was is your idea or the program's?
My DRE would FLIP if she knew I use it in my First Communion Class. Too bad she doesn't speak Spanish, as it's a bilingual class!

PBXVI said...

Actually it's not in our program, which if you ask me our program is awful but not terrible. I have not told anyone I am using the Baltimore Catechism and I am printing my own sheets with question/answer stuff based off of the Balitimore Catechism. I am afraid If I told someone that they would tell me not to use it, though I can't be sure. Sometimes (most times?) new is not improved. God Bless!