Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Below is a good reminder I think for all of us! The other day I just sped right through a stop sign not realizing it was there until I looked back and saw it!! Lord have mercy on me! I'm glad the Lord protected me and that there were no cars coming through (it was a two-way stop). Anyway, please remember that careless driving is considered a venial sin and reckless driving a mortal one so we should be very careful in how we drive and obey the law in this matter. In fact the Pope had something to say about this recently, and I'm wondering if whoever drives that popemobile has been a little bit of a lead foot....


VATICAN CITY, APR 25, 2007 (VIS) - At the end of today's general audience, the Pope reminded those present that, "by initiative of the United Nations, this week is dedicated to safety on the roads.

"I would like," he added, "to address a word of encouragement to the public institutions that seek to maintain highways safe and to protect human life with appropriate means, and to the people who dedicate themselves to research into new technologies and strategies to reduce the many accidents on roads all over the world."

He concluded: "As I invite people to pray for the victims, the injured and their families, it is my hope that a conscious sense of responsibility towards others may induce drivers, especially the young, to greater prudence and respect for the highway code."
AG/ROAD SAFETY/... VIS 070425 (140)


Anonymous said...

I lost my cousin in a road accident nearly two years ago, he was speeding when he hit a wall & died instantly. A neighbour was killed when a speeding motorist knocked him down when he was walking along the road to see his girlfriend in 2002 & a former school friend died from his injuries a few months after he was involved in a crash in 1997. Speed really does kill.
There are so many families that have been effected by the carnage on our roads, you never really get over the loss. It happens so suddenly, usually at night which is always worse.
It's comforting to know our Pope doesn't forget the families of road victims. Great post.

Carolina Cannonball said...

Oh no. I am in some serious trouble then. I guess I better plan for an extended stay in purgatory... and that is being generous.