Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And the results are....
I want to thank everyone that participated in these polls and encourage everyone to do the next ones! Also, if you voted "other" on the Friday in Lent question I would be interested in what you are accustomed to eating. God Bless and have a blessed Easter Season!

What do you normally eat on Fridays in Lent since there is no meat?

Fish or sea food: 10 56%

Vegetable or clam chowder soup: 1 6%

Nothing---I just fast: 2 11%

Breakfast foods minus the bacon and sausage: 0 0%

The new KFC fish sandwich: 1 6%

other: 4 22%

How dare you say no meat on Fridays!: 0 0%

18 votes total

How do you normally receive Holy Communion?

On the tongue: 15 75%

In the hand: 3 15%

Both--- just depends how I feel: 1 5%

What do you mean tongue?: 0 0%

I don't receive Holy Communion: 1 5%

20 votes total


Deo Juvante said...

My Diocese just did away with Friday abstinence outside Lent "in accordance with universal law".

PBXVI said...

Yes, that is allowed, however some sort of penance is still required to do on every Friday if not abstinence from meat. God Bless!

Snarphman said...

Hi, this is just a note to tell you that your blog has been nominated as one of the best religion blogs on bloggerschoiceawards.com, In case you hadn't heard about it.

PBXVI said...

Thank you so much for nominating me! So far I have already received 6 votes! God Bless!

Deo Juvante said...

Yup. However previously, the conference of Bishops here had maintained Friday fast and abstinence until recently.