Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another Important Prayer Request!

Tonight at work, a co-worker identified himself to me as a witch. We were in a debate about the Catholic Church and stuff, and I have this uncomfortable feeling around him (that doesn't necessarily mean anything though) I normally don't get when talking to other people about the Faith. He has a very matter of fact attitude. I wish I knew apologetics better than I do. I feel so dum sometimes when people present these very weird ideas and I have a hard time knowing what to say. I wonder why God choose me to witness when I am so unfit?! But God works in mysterious ways. I beg that you would please pray for me-that I would be a good witness and that God would protect me. Also, most importantly pray for the conversion of this soul--I BEG you! Please! Say a decade, or a rosary, or a offer a Holy Hour, or offer the Sacrifice of the Mass, --Please! Here are some things that he believes that I will try to study up on, but any help would be appreciated.

1. Homosexuality is not wrong

2. Jesus is not God, only the Son of God. (It's so weird, because it seems that he believes in the Bible)

3. That the Catholic Church is a man-made Church, and that the real Church exists only in our minds and hearts.

4. Catholics worship Mary and only the original Apostles were true Saints but the Catholic Church has no right to say that anyone else is a saint.

5. Jesus rose from the dead only because God rose Him from the dead and not because He was Divine.

These are just some of the things. Please keep me and him in your prayers! Thank you and God Bless!


Jeffrey Smith said...

Remember, God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
I've dealt with a variety of witches over the years. If this one believes Jesus is the Son of God and that God raised Him from the dead, all I can say is that he's a VERY unorthodox witch. I've never heard that before. One thing to consider. He may be the sort of self-proclaimed witch who makes it up as he goes along. Don't be intimidated by it.

Anonymous said...

Please keep strong in the faith, and above all, pray! Prayer will keep you going, and of course, example is also essential. If you have any questions on certain issues, you know how to contact me. Blessings my dear brother!

Mikala said...

I've always thought that witches or wiccans participate in nature worship and perform magic using natural laws non-witches don't really know about or understand. The problem is they worship the power or the spirit of the law itself (i.e. Morgana, Goddess of the wind...etc) From the bible,we know God did indeed set up natural laws and powers over them, such as the angels that control the four winds found in revelation. The problem is that witches fail to worship the Creator of these laws...and instead make offerings directly to the spirits of them.

Interestingly, this is also found in many religions, like Voo-doo where they worship the Loa or in Santeria where they petition other gods and goddesses (usually under the guise of Catholic saints.)

If you think of our patron saints, you can understand a little better what they are thinking...if I have eye trouble, I petition St. Lucy, St. Anthony to help find a lost article, etc. But the difference is as a Roman Catholic, we give all glory to the Creator instead of His created power or law (or god and goddess, in their terminology.)

We do this because of the first commandment, where Divine Providence rules over all natural law.

This is just my understanding, please correct me if Im wrong.