Sunday, November 04, 2007

Rome Pilgrimage October 2007

Hey everybody, sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog! I thank everyone who has been commenting (and for the emails which I have been slow to respond to--I'll catch up soon). In reparation I am posting this video of some photos from my pilgrimage to Italy.
No number of photos can compare to actually going to these holy places, seeing them, and praying there. If God ever gives you the opportunity to make a pilgrimage there (not just a vacation), you must go! I'll give you some stories later.

God Bless!


Cy said...

Great photos!
Wow, you even able to go to Assisi?
Thanks for posting that.

Kaila said...

Those pixs are all just breath taking. I'd love to be able to go to Rome someday. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

cool jazz music; who is it?

Soutenus said...

Wow -- thank you for posting this.
I think if I ever get to Rome I might just stay. Did you feel like that at all?


Esther said...

Welcome back! It must have been a trip of a lifetime.

PBXVI said...

Cy, Your welcome, and yes we did go to Assisi!!

Kaila, you really should try to go if possible--I know you would love it.

anonymous---I'm glad you liked the music. I would have put different music on, but there are too many copyright laws etc. "You Tube" provides certain music you can use without the abuse of copyright. the music is by Ray Charles and is called "Rockhouse Parts 1 & 2" in case you wanted to know.

Soutenus---I really did want to stay!!

Esther---Thanks! It was a trip of a lifetime indeed!

Thanks everyone!

God bless!