Thursday, November 15, 2007

Movie Review: Flight 93

I know most people have seen this movie (or United 93), but I have just recently been able to watch it, and I thought I should do a review on it. The story is, of course, of the September 11th flight United 93 which was the only plane hijacked on September 11th which did not reach its intended destination. The hijackers seemed to do everything right at first--they killed a flight attendant, a passenger, and scared everyone into believing that they had a bomb if there was any resistance. They managed to get into the cockpit and kill both pilots, and then take control of the plane. The scared passengers were ushered to the back of the plane where many made phone calls to family members telling them what was going on, and also finding out from their loved ones about the other planes that had hit the World Trade Center in New York just a little earlier that morning. The passengers learned that the other planes had been suicide missions, and no reported "real" bombs had been on the other planes. The people united to try to "take down" the terrorist and gain control of the plane. Of course, we know they failed to take control of the plane, but they saved lives by not allowing the terrorists to succeed in flying the plane into the original target.

The movie does not take many liberties whatsoever to change the story or make it "more exciting". It is not a movie for entertainment, but rather a movie that allows us to remember and not forget the courage of American citizens that day. It shows us the gruesome reality of that evil that those men committed. I highly recommend watching this movie, or watching it again. We will never forget, and let us pray for the victims, their families, and for the conversion of all souls--especially let us also remember to pray for the conversion of Muslims.

5 Star match up...

4 1/2 stars. It seemed realistic without overly dramatized. Very moving.

Entertainment: 5 stars. Again, it's not entertainment--captivating is a good word.
Sexual content: 4 1/2 stars. Slight immodesty in a couple guys (very little), and a man and woman seen kissing.

Violent content: 3 1/2 stars. Flight 93 is obviously a violent story and tense, but this film shows very little graphic violence. There is blood shown to show people were hurt but no graphic nature to this one. The film United 93 shows more I think--though I haven't seen this one yet.

Language content: 3.5 stars. A few bad words scattered throughout.
Other immoral content: 4 stars. Obviously terrorism is a topic, though in no way shown in a positive light. It would be disturbing (perhaps inappropriate) to younger audiences.

Over all rating: 4 stars.

Definitely worth watching!

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