Saturday, October 21, 2006

Voting: A moral issue?
Is voting a moral issue? Should religion at all be a factor for deciding who you should vote for? I mean, haven't you heard about separation of Church and State? (Oh, please, I could blow up my TV next time I hear that phrase misused again!) First of all, as a committed Catholic, my religion will influence my everyday to day actions: my relationships with others, my entertainment, my time, and a lot of other stuff. As Catholics we CANNOT allow politics to be totally separated from our religion. Our religion influences our decisions, and the politicians we elect should reflect our morals, that is, if you believe that what you believe is worth fighting for. That is, if you are 100% convinced of what you believe is true. I cannot in good conscious vote for a man that is ok with killing un born children. I cannot support someone who thinks it's ok for two same sex people to "marry". I don't care if a politician says he's Catholic! What does that mean? I can't think of a whole lot of TRUE Catholics running in our government right now. Just because he says he's Catholic, doesn't make him a true Catholic.
Do you realize that Adolph Hitler was elected? It was through a sort of vote that Jesus was put to death. Does voting make a difference? You better believe it! Even if this person is a local politician running, you should put the same standards before them. (e.g. The President was once a Senator, and the Senator was once a local mayor. )
What should your standard be? Here's a list of some of the essentials:
1. Is he/she 100% pro life from natural conception to natural death.
2. Is he/she against moral ethics the Church has clearly shown as wrong? (e.g. Homosexuality, Euthanasia, Cloning, ESCR, and abortion, etc...)
3. Is he/she against restricting religious or educational freedom.
Please take your time to research what the different folks running for office stand for, and vote for good and wholesome politicians.

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