Saturday, October 14, 2006

Caption contest

Please post your funny captions in the comment box, and I will put the funniest one next to the picture. Keep your humor clean, and have fun!

"Officer, I was only going one way!"

"We don't care which way you go, just don't hit the house!"


Deo Juvante said...


Hi, I read your comment on Holy Vocations. So you know Fr. Polzer personally? This really is indeed a small world. Are you interested in the Legion?

Deo Juvante said...

Oh, do you by any chance know if he is open to the Tridentine Mass?

Pax tecum!

PBXVI said...

Yes, I met Fr. Polzer about 5 years ago shortly after my conversion to the Catholic Church. He used to be stationed in Denver and would help at Legionary boy's summer camps. I think I must have met him first at one of those summer camps. What I love about him is his simplicity but yet reverence in the way he says mass and in spiritual direction. So, I have known the Legionaries in general as well for about 5 years now. My brother was in their seminary for about 3 years before deciding it was not his calling. I used to really want to be a Legionary but I do not think at this point that is my calling. I am more leaning towards the diocesan vocation, but it is all still in the Lord's hands. Currently my spiritual director is a Legionary seminarian in Denver, and I am apart of Regnum Christi (The Legion's lay apostolate).
As far as Father Daniel Polzer LC being open to saying the Tridentine mass, I cannot say for sure. I have not ever heard of a Legionary priest saying the Tridentine mass, but I know that they will certainly say the Novus Ordo in Latin. I am sure they are not against the Indult, but Legionaries all like to do things in unity as an order, and so if their general superior has not approved it, I am sure they will not celebrate it. But, I think you will just have to ask Fr. Polzer to know for sure the answer. As I said, I really am not sure. If you have further questions leave another comment or give me your email and I shall continue correspondence.

Deo Juvante said...

Thanks for your reply. I was just curious to find out more about him since you mentioned you knew him. I do keep in touch with him with regards to my personal discernment with the Legion. Thanks.