Monday, September 24, 2007

Movie Review: Pathfinder

A while ago a co-worker of mine told me that I should watch this film called Pathfinder, and so the other day I bought the film (since there was a deal at Hastings) and watched it yesterday. Unfortunately, I somehow (accidentally) managed to buy the unrated extended version which I thoroughly regret as you will see below. The story is a legend that 600 years before Columbus discovered America, vikings came and tried to settle in America, but were somehow defeated. In the movie, a young viking boy refuses to help his men fight the natives (therefore was rejected and left) and is adopted by an Indian family. They raise him, but 15 years later the Vikings return and attempt to wipe out every Indian village they can find. This boy may be the only hope in defending these Indians.

OK, I've laid out the story and maybe it sounds like it has some potential. The movie first of all has terrible character development and it is awkward in how it plays out. One scene will jump to the next scene (with different scenery) and it gets quite confusing. There are occasional points in the film where there is dialogue between characters, but it never lasts. The acting was fine, but mostly there was little to act in this film as it is mostly fighting and violence.

The Vikings could pretty much be compared to orcs or monsters. They are brutal and kill every Indian they can get their swords on. The violence too, is not just plentiful but graphic as well, which is very unfortunate. Overall with all the battle scenes (which were pretty much just genocide scenes) it got very tiring and sicking with seemingly very little purpose to all of this. This is a very un-inspirational movie, and I cannot even begin to compare it to some good films like The Gladiator and The Patriot, that although these latter had quite a bit of violence there was an inspirational story line and excellent acting throughout.

I read the reviews for Pathfinder but of course I couldn't find a review on the unrated and extended version. This version possesses more graphic battle scenes and it has a "sex" scene added in which I had to quickly skip.

Overall, I cannot honestly think of a worse movie that I've ever seen. I may very likely end up throwing this one in the trash because yes it was that bad!

5 Star match up...

Acting: 3 stars. Like I said, there was little "acting" in this film as it is mostly fighting.

Entertainment: 1 star. Read above.

Sexual content: 1 star. Tribal clothing is revealing sometimes, 1 scene of attempted rape, and 1 sex scene

Violent content: 1 star. Very graphic violence, torture, and killing in every way possible before modern weapons.

Language content: 3.5 stars. A few bad words scattered throughout.

Other immoral content: 5 stars. The above pretty much covers everything.

Over all rating: 2.4 stars

Not worth watching once...

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