Monday, April 21, 2008

How often do you attend Mass (go to church)?

Every day: 5 (25%)

Sundays and 1 or more weekdays: 7 (35%)

Every Sunday: 7 (35%)

1-2 times/month: 0 (0%)

1-2 times/3 months: 1 (5%)

1-2 times/year: 0 (0%)

I don't go to church: 0 (0%)

Votes so far: 20 Poll closed

Very good! It appears we have many faithful Mass goers out there! Remember Every Sunday is a Holy Day of Obligation! Missing Mass without a serious reason on Sunday is a mortal sin. I know you all know that!

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1 comment:

Soutenus said...

Yikes, I missed the poll!
I guess I have been way busier than usual!! :-)