Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!
Tell me what great jokes you guys did, or what great jokes were done on you!


Soutenus said...

LOL! Our April Fool's Day joke was, unfortunately, real. The AC was out at school and the kids had standardized testing! It was in the 80s today and we felt like we were in an oven all day. The 1st grade teacher let her girls take off their shoes, socks and jumpers. They took their tests in white shirts and gym shorts!!

Thank for the fun meme tag. I posted my answers and tagged the next group!

Esther said...

I have been on guard waiting for Joey to pull a practical joke on me and he did. He had me thinking my computer died.

PBXVI said...


Wow! That had to be a long day!


LOL! That's funny!

God Bless!