Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back into the Blog of Things...
Well I hope that everyone's Easter season is going well! Yes, Easter lasts for about 50 days in case you think I'm crazy! I'm putting together a plan to blog rugularly so you can get more out of the Catholic Warrior. So here's what's coming up:
--->Look forward to Blog articles every Friday, Sunday, and Monday and other random days. We'll see how well I can do on a set schedule, and PLEASE don't tell my "blogging is about having fun so don't be so strict" because I'm the kind of person that HAS to be strict with myself or nothing gets done!
--->April is dedicated to the Holy Eucharist so look forward to learning more about the greatest Sacrament!
--->I will be taking a trip from the end of June to early August to Chile to learn Spanish in a Catholic school that is run by our ex-youth leader. Blogging may hibernate during those times.
--->Every Thursday will be "Stump the Chump". I'll post every Thursday an opportunity to ask as hard a question as you can muster to see if you can stump me! I'll do my best to post a (good) response within one week or you have "officially" "Stumped the Chump". Please don't let your question be, "What is a chump", because I don't know... Stick to religion guys....
Please, if you have any suggestions as to articles you would like to see more on, please comment. May God Bless you all!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see it actually happen! Jk, be faithful Patrick!