Saturday, January 26, 2008

Altar Servers

You know you're an 'old-time' reader of this blog if you remember me posting about my 'new' apsotlate for heading up meetings for the Altar Servers. Wow. Well, those meetings were just short of a complete failure. We had an attendance of about 6 kids at most of them (what, like 2 meetings?) and none of the Altar Servers that really needed to come ever came! This was quite discouraging, but recently some new progress seems to be coming forward. The liturgist at my parish is helping me to head up a new program that I've come up with that will require every server to go through. This program will have different levels (beginner, intermediate etc..) that they must pass until they are to a certain level. They are able to attain another optional level if they wish which will prove that they are good leaders. If you would like a copy of what I've come up with, email me and I'll send it to you via email. A lot of it is based off of from this webpage. Thanks Fr. Terry!

We are having a meeting soon and will implement this program. Pray that it will succeed if God wills it, and also that I will be able to find good leaders to take over for me when I leave home in 5 months or so. Below are some things that we will probably go over as well:

Hold your hands right!!!

NO Bad Posture!

No Inappropriate Shoes...

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Joey said...

As an altar server, I hope your program works and goes well! Looks like I have to work a bit on my posture. :X