Sunday, December 23, 2007

Time to Vote...

Just wanted to point out to everyone that the poll is back up and running! C'mon... I know you don't want to admit (or think about) how much money you spent this year---but fess up! Or I'll send a battalion of Swiss guards after ya!

Results from the last poll indicate that in the event of a plane crash most people would try to make sure their soul is ready to meet God (versus trying to raid the food section!). We should always try our best to be prepared to face the Judgement of God! The end for us is coming at an unknown hour---LET'S GET READY!!!


Cy said...

Hahaha! ok, I voted

A very very merry and blessed Christmas to you and your family!!
Have a wonderful day!

PBXVI said...

Thanks Cy! Merry Christmas to you!