Monday, December 10, 2007

Science and God...
Recently I've been spending a considerable (that means too much) amount of time on Facebook and my seemingly disastrous boycott of the Golden Compass stuff ect.. Anyhow, one bit of good coming from all this though is that I've received some interesting messages from Facebook members, and I thought I'd share with you one such message (keeping names anonymous of course) that I received today that was interesting: "Hi, I was wondering why you believe in God with such passion when all evdience points to the contrary?"
This message was so short and straightforward (quite unusual), and well, I thought it deserved a, well, not quite so short but hopefully straightforward answer. I am posting it below and hope that you will find it beneficial!

Hey thanks for the note! I'll try to answer your question of why I believe in God when, as you said, "all evidence points to the contrary".
First I must ask what "evidence" are you talking about? If you are talking about scientific evidence then I must say it is impossible scientifically to disprove the existence of God. Why? Well, first of all, if God is the Creator of the entire universe and all that exists then He has the power to reveal Himself as much or as little as He chooses. We can't expect to examine God under a microscope. Now, of course that is assuming He exists. But how would you go about scientifically to DISproving God? It is impossible. Science cannot disprove the Loch Ness monster for example (I'm not saying I believe in this creature). Let's take that example. If scientists wanted for all time to disprove the existence of this creature then they of course would have to search the waters. However if they made a search of the whole lake and found nothing, that would NOT disprove the existence of Nessy. Why? Unless they were able to search the entire area of water ALL AT ONCE and at THE SAME TIME then they could not even come close to saying that the creature doesn't exists, as the monster can move around and go to an area already searched before. Additionally they would have to take into account that this monster could be hiding in an underwater cave that is unknown to man or is somehow greatly camouflaged etc..
Anyways, why am I talking about the Loch Ness monster? I mean, our discussion is about GOD'S existence. Well, the reason I bring this up is that I am saying there is absolutely no way for science to disprove God's existence. It is extremely difficult and nigh impossible for scientists to disproof the Loch Ness monster, so do you think that it would be possible to DISprove God? It is not. So please tell what "evidence" you are talking about, as I firmly believe that there is no "EVIDENCE" to disprove God.
Anyway, so why do I believe in God? Well, first of all, my belief in God is based off of reason. Personally, I don't understand how it is possible that anything could exist without a being that created everything. There would be only two logical positions. Either A.) Everything always existed (which is beyond our comprehension as everything we know of in the scientific world has NOT always existed). Or B.) Something came from Nothing (which is just plain stupid).
I believe that if something always existed it had to be something greater than what we could ever possibly understand. I don't believe it is "something" though but SomeBODY----God. Only something greater than we have ever discovered or "known" scientifically could've existed forever (try thinking about that for a sec---something ALWAYS having been in existence).
Also, God has revealed Himself in so many different ways it would be impossible to count them all. He has worked so many spectacular miracles (if you like I'll give you some examples) and I have found fulfillment in my life through coming know of God and Who He is.
My belief in God is not something that is tested scientifically through trying to find "god particles" or something ridiculous like that, but it does require a certain amount of faith (belief in something that you cannot totally see or comprehend). Yet, if you think about it, no matter what position you take (whether you believe in God or not) it requires FAITH. If you do not believe in God, it takes FAITH that He doesn't exists as I just stated above it is impossible to disproof God. Likewise, it takes faith to believe in God, but my faith is based on reason and I cannot imagine that there could exist a world without God.
My faith in God, I believe, is not insignificant. In other words, we might be tempted to think that whether or not God exists doesn't really matter. One might think that it doesn't effect them. However, that is not the case. If God created everything and left it at that and never revealed Himself or interacted with man then sure--I would think that God doesn't care and we have no responsibility to follow Him. However, that is NOT the case. The point is is that God has revealed Himself to man (e.g. read the Bible to see what I mean) and has laid down laws for him to obey (e.g. Ten Commandments) and also has established the Church (Matthew 16) in which to guide those who wish to follow Him. He died for us to make reparation for the punishment earned for our sins and so that we may have eternal life IF we choose to follow this God Who is Love. This God has given us His very self in His Infinite Love and demands that we respond--either to except this relationship with Him, or to reject it. The choice is ours, but it is a decision that we all must make. To reject it is to reject true Love, happiness, and peace.

I understand that from your perspective this all may be difficult to comprehend, but I ask that you at least take some time to meditate on what I've said and think about it before you respond. I hope this response has helped you to understand better!
God Bless!


Soutenus said...

Great post!! -- and I totally understand how anyone can get lost in time over at facebook. Thank goodness we cannot access it where I teach or I would be checking in on things constantly.

This post, BTW, is awesome timing. I am putting together "proof of existence" lesson plans for a young adult class. I have some good Aquinas and Lee Strobel info but you speak to the 21st century young adult so beautifully. THANK YOU!

wWolf said...

well done.

PBXVI said...

I'm so happy if this could help you! Thanks for telling me!


God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Great post PBXVI! Did you post this on Facebook? Email me a copy porfavor!!!