Friday, October 12, 2007

Family Values
This article below states something I believe is very core to bringing up a godly society. So many times it seems that parents think their children can be educated and "brought up" in their society and that they do not have to teach them themselves. They think their education (ie. morals) is given to them by their local church through the various programs or youth programs. This is such a lie! I know personally of youth who have left the Church who were actively involved in the youth group, altar serving, confirmation classes etc.. They were not just "pew warmers", and yet, for some reason they stopped coming to church, and perhaps even lost faith in God. Why is this? I blame partially (because this is not always true) the family they were brought up in. Were the parents taking the initiative to lead the family in the Faith through godly lives and examples. Did they personally take time as a family to discuss religion, God, what the Church teaches, and why it is so awesome to be Catholic? Did they teach their kids not only what we believe, but also why we believe it? These are the fundamental questions to ask. Now, even in the best brought up family there will be those youth who decide for themselves that they don't want to follow Christ and His Church anymore---for various reasons. But the family is the necessary pillar to bring up your children in the ways of God. So when was the last time you had a family discussion about the Faith?


VATICAN CITY, OCT 12, 2007 (VIS) - The Holy Father has written a Letter to Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, for the occasion of the designation of the archdiocese of Mexico as the location of the 6th World Meeting of Families, which is due to take place from January 16 to 18, 2009. The theme of the gathering will be: "The family, educator in human and Christian values."

"As the first school of life and of faith, and as a 'domestic church'," writes the Pope in his Letter, "the family is called to educate new generations in human and Christian values so as to forge in them - guiding their lives according to the model of Christ - a well-balanced personality. In such a vital task ... it is important to have the support of the school, of the parish and of the various ecclesial groups that favor the integral education of human beings."

"At a time in which there is often an apparent disassociation between what people claim to believe and the way they live and behave, this forthcoming World Meeting of Families aims to encourage Christian homes in the formation of an upright moral conscience."

"I ask the Lord that the period of preparation and the celebration of this event ... may be for families ... a special occasion joyfully to experience their vocation and mission."

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