Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beautiful Colorado
Here's some pictures I took on a hike from a trail in Ouray Colorado which is about 45 minutes south of Montrose.

A Wild Flower

A Mountain Scene

A Wild Butterfly

A Mule Deer

A Squirrel

A Mountain Scene


Kaila said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I went to Colorado once or twice to visit my grandparents when they lived there. I always thought it was beautiful.


PBXVI said...

Thanks Kaila! What area did your grandparents live in? Just wondering! God bless!

Kaila said...

Grand Junction. :-)

Esther said...

Beautiful pictures! My dh just returned from visiting his dad in Littleton. Joey and I haven't been there in quite a long time. I think we are overdue.

Soutenus said...

Amazing pictures. I danced in Colorado Springs one summer and thought I might just stay forever but I did the sensible thing and returned to school. I was there for a modern dance summer intensive. Our dance/rehearsal space had a huge glass window overlooking the mountains. It was spectacular.
Thanks for bringing back some great memories.
I have a friend who has just started teaching in Colorado -- I think it may be time for a visit!

Anonymous said...

PBXVI- You live near Grand Junction!!!!!!!!!!! So do I!!!!!!