Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Hello Mary"
I have been so fed up with liberalism lately that I decided to try to be a little more ecumenical and help my poor left brothers. So here are the following prayers that you can use for the rosary even if you don't believe in the rosary. Heck, wonder if you don't believe in God, these prayers were made with you in mind.
The I Wonder? (Our Father revision)
I wonder are you in Heaven? If you are, I bet your name's cool. Thy metropolis come, my will be done everywhere and up in heaven if your there. Give everybody food and I promise to forgive others when they forgive me. And lead us not back before Vatican II, but deliver us from Latin! Amen....
"Hello Mary" (Hail Mary revision)
Hello Mary full of goodness, If there's a God, I'm sure He's with you. You're a great woman, and your son was really great too. Hello Mary, Mother of Jesus, if you can hear me say a prayer, would you? Amen.
Glory be....
Glory to God (if he exist) Father, Son, and Holy Mother, just like Sister Martha told us now and forever, AMEN. (Optional response~ All you Sisters and Brothers let's hear an AMEN)

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you know or not, but I have awarded you with the Blogger Reflection Award...

"As it was in the beginning when sister mary taught!"

God bless you!