Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can you Live ONE Day Without TV?

The short answer is actually: yes! You can live one day without TV, but there is a campaign to come together and all shut off our TVs on one specific day so as to protest the degeneration of the culture through TV. Turn Off Your TV Day is on February 14th.

Fr. Morton A. Hill, S.J., founder of Morality in Media says: "Addiction is an ugly word, but it is a reality. And what are the results of TV addiction? Deterioration. Deterioration of family togetherness, closeness. Deterioration of mind and spirit. We've lost the art of family conversation. We don't read. Our children are not stimulated to read. They are missing the great treasures, the literature of the ages. But the worst result of the addiction is a lack of interest in God and Scriptures. Divine love as well as human love is leaving the home of the family addicted to television,"

The degeneration of TV is obvious when you watch shows like "I Love Lucy" to "Two and a Half Men". "I Love Lucy" is mostly just good clean humor while our recent shows have turned to praise sexual and vulgar jokes and lifestyles. It's time to draw the line as to what we watch and don't watch on TV these days. Remember on your death bed it won't matter if you've missed an episode of "The Young and the Restless" (brainless?) but what you have done in your life to follow Jesus Christ.

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Esther said...

We will have to keep this in mind. My husband and I are appalled that we cannot watch TV, or even commercials without sex being mentioned somehow even on Fox News!
BTW, I Love Lucy is my all-time favorite show.