Sunday, September 17, 2006

Do I look racist to you?

I am very upset with this recent issue involving Pope Benedict. First of all, I am NOT racist. I am not a "Muslim Hater" (In fact I have a Muslim IM friend) and I respect all religions. But I do not respect immaturity. Pope Benedict when addressing a group of college students quoted from a Byzantine writer who was not pro-Muhammad and thought that Muhammad was or brought evil. Pope Benedict did not comment on Muhammad being evil, but was addressing a different point to the students. Namely that the Faith should not be spread through the sword. See Exactly what the Pope Said here. Read this article and you will find that some Muslims have gone crazy and even done violence to Christian Churches in response. Give me a break!!!! How many times have Muslims said anti-Christ or anti-Christian things? Do Christians get mad about it? Yes. Do they go around damaging Mosques? NO! True Christians don't go around responding in violence. We pray for those who persecute us and love those who hate us. It makes me mad to see this immaturity! I feel like the Pope is being black mailed. Pope Benedict has even given an apology for offending the Muslims in this way. To me, one of the biggest proofs the Catholic Church is true is that it did not spread through the sword but because it spoke for Itself. Jesus is the Way the TRUTH and the Life. I will pray for all of the Muslims throughout the world that they may come to know Jesus Christ and come to accept his Truth which brings true Peace to all!


Hoodlum said...

"I have a Muslim IM friend" has gotta be the funniest line I've read all day.

And how can you respect all religions? Doesn't one of your rule books tell you that your religion is "The One True Faith". Or they all basically the same?

PBXVI said...

First of all, as Catholics we believe that Jesus Christ established the Church 2,000 years ago placing the Apostle Peter as its first leader. We believe that this ONE Church which Christ started was meant to remain one with Christ as its head. In the Bible in John chapter 17:20, Jesus prays to the Father that we may all be one in our Faith. Jesus tells the Apostles in Matthew 28:20, that He will be with them always. Therefore, yes, we believe that the Catholic Church is ONE, (As God meant for it to be), and that we are the TRUE Church established by Jesus. This leads us to the conclusion that we are the "One True Church". We are not saying that there is not some truth in other Christian or non-Christian denominations or Religions, but we are saying that the Catholic Church contains the fullness of truth brought from Christ. What I don't understand, is why can't we respect other religions without believing their beliefs? That is exactly what Catholics are called to do. We are called to respect and pray for one another no matter what religion. If you want to see exactly what the Catholic Church says about Muslims and other Faiths you can read in the Catechism of the Catholic Church #839-845. Thanks a lot for leaving your question in the comment box! I hope that many others will follow your example. If you have further questions, please post again. Thanks, and God Bless you always!